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Many guys who are at some techie level in cars and automobiles may have come across the term Camber many times. People who are unknown to Camber may think of it as very big and technical term but in reality, it has very little effect on the vehicle in general. In light utility vehicles and

How different tires affect your car

The basic of this topic is the basic Pressure definition which states pressure is Force per unit Area. That is, P=F/A. In more simple language, it means more is the surface area, less is pressure. This is the reason why heavy load trucks have four rear tires, so as to increase Area and reduce pressure. Having


The German sedan BMW M3 is an all rounder car and is suitable for both race track as well as daily use. Being different from its previous coupe style models, the 2015 model can be comfortably inserted in the family category too.


A turbocharger is a shortened name for the technical and original name of super-turbocharger. It is also same as a supercharger and is used for the same task but the difference arises in their attachment, efficiency. A turbocharger unlike supercharger is linked with exhaust gases and gets it power from them which does not affect

Lancer Evolution

Mitsubishi Motors Lancer Evolution 2015 model is the latest update of the car which strikes in mind whenever considering street racing. It could either be drifting or may be drag racing or others; it is the one which hold its rank high in every type.

Mazda RX-7

The model which was launched in the year 1993 was a remarkable one in RX series. Mazda RX series has been racer’s all time favorite ride till now. RX-7 comes in different types to satisfy different customers. Most hot Type A comes with coupe body style without compromising its appearance.