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Many guys who are at some techie level in cars and automobiles may have come across the term Camber many times. People who are unknown to Camber may think of it as very big and technical term but in reality, it has very little effect on the vehicle in general. In light utility vehicles and

Types of Automobile Suspensions

Suspension, as we know, is that part of the car which without which a car can work, but its importance can only be felt when the car is driven. The driver will then come to know that suspension system in the car is not only for the comfort of passengers but also for important tasks

Getting started with Differential Gear

Here we all know that DIFFERENTIAL is an integral part of all four wheelers and wheels receive power from the engine via a drive shaft. The main function of the DIFFERENTIAL  is to allow these wheels to turn at different RPMs while receiving power from the engine. Now consider the wheels which are negotiating a

Is Motion in space completely with out friction??

Do you think that motion of a satellite in space is completely constant and only accelerated? If you do then you are wrong. There is also retardation. It is not due to any gravitational pull of sun or earth but due to the thermal radiation(heat) from the satellite it self. This is called thermal friction

Use of Inappropriate Fuels

Using wrong fuels in your car is called as a process of misfuelling. The fuels most used these days are petrol and diesel. No other fuels are in use as much as these fuels are used. It is because of the efficiency of these fuels. These two fuels give away more combustion energy with less

What is Otto Cycle?

The name Otto is not picked from any physics book nor it is any phenomenon. Otto was the last name of Engineer Nikolaus Otto who created the very first working four-stroke engine. Four-stroke engines with spark plugs are also called as Otto engines. Otto cycle is basically the thermodynamic cycle on which a four-stroke engine

You know what CVT is?

These days many guys are asking about CVTs. They come across this term but don’t actually know what it is. CVT basically stands for Continuously Varying Transmission which a type of transmission used in automobiles among other 3 main types. So, rather than just knowing CVT, you will also become familiar with other 3 types