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Will exhaust effect performance of vehicle?

Yes, well… it almost does. This is why race cars tend to be louder. There is not much after the manifold Some nice tubing and that is about it. (they still have specific measurements). Exhaust systems certainly play a critical role in the performance of every engine.

Familiar to Spark Production Timing?

You must have heard Spark Production Timing (SPT) earlier and you may also know what it is. But do you know how it affects your car? Well, this post will tell you about both — What Spark Production Timing is? and How does it affects car’s performance?

Spark Production Timing (SPT) on car’s performance?

There are two types of changes in SPT which are the advanced spark and retarded spark. Both have their own significance in producing race cars and mileage cars. When the engine speeds up, the movement of pistons also speeds up thereby increasing the need of an advanced spark. But if the spark is produced too

Your rims on performance

Ever experienced any change in your comfort or performance of car after changing your rims? Then it could be a good change or may be even horrible. Whenever changing your rims, it must be kept in mind that the rim size, material, and width can affect your vehicle. New rims with increased width can help