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Independent Suspensions

It may look like that all types of vehicles use same spring coiled suspension but in actual, there is much more than just the spring coiled part in the suspension. The parts other than spring coiled part in the suspension play a much deeper role than one can think. Here, we’ll discuss how Independent Suspensions


Many guys who are at some techie level in cars and automobiles may have come across the term Camber many times. People who are unknown to Camber may think of it as very big and technical term but in reality, it has very little effect on the vehicle in general. In light utility vehicles and

Dependent Suspensions

Earlier we discussed the working of main types of suspensions which are used in cars. In this post, we’ll discuss in depth some of dependent suspensions, which will be leaf suspension and coil suspension. These are the two major types of suspensions which are used by the automobile industry and can be found in working

Types of Automobile Suspensions

Suspension, as we know, is that part of the car which without which a car can work, but its importance can only be felt when the car is driven. The driver will then come to know that suspension system in the car is not only for the comfort of passengers but also for important tasks

Suspension system in your car

If a road were perfectly flat, with no irregularities, suspensions wouldn’t be necessary. But roads are far from flat. Even freshly paved highways have imperfections that can interact with the wheels­ of a car. These are the imperfections that apply forces to the wheels.