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Brief history of Automobiles

History dates back from the era when humans started living on planet earth. It would be weird to think that where an early man would be using an automobile. But as we look into the use of automobiles these days which is, for transportation purposes, the need is felt even in the era of earliest

Suspension system in your car

If a road were perfectly flat, with no irregularities, suspensions wouldn’t be necessary. But roads are far from flat. Even freshly paved highways have imperfections that can interact with the wheels­ of a car. These are the imperfections that apply forces to the wheels.

How car works?

This article explains the working of a typical car. How pushing the accelerator moves your car ahead and how releasing it stops acceleration? Everything in layman language.

Audi A4

Audi A4 2105 model is the one which deserves respect as per its price, performance, appearance and a trusted brand along with awesome interiors.

Lancer Evolution

Mitsubishi Motors Lancer Evolution 2015 model is the latest update of the car which strikes in mind whenever considering street racing. It could either be drifting or may be drag racing or others; it is the one which hold its rank high in every type.

Mazda RX-7

The model which was launched in the year 1993 was a remarkable one in RX series. Mazda RX series has been racer’s all time favorite ride till now. RX-7 comes in different types to satisfy different customers. Most hot Type A comes with coupe body style without compromising its appearance.

Chrysler 300C

Only the riders of 300C know what the 300C is. Making her riders feel proud, 300C being a sedan not only appears good but works more than expectations. It comes with a pre-installed 3.6 liter Pentastar V6 engine which serves its riders the real satisfaction. Giving a mileage of 19-31 mpg it can go from