Basic Thermodynamics

90% of the science behind your car’s engine is pure thermodynamics. So, having a basic knowledge of thermodynamics is a must for a car guy.
It all starts from system and surroundings. The system is the one which is considered into observation and everything else is surroundings.

Now, the other factors while considering thermodynamics are the basic laws of thermodynamics and types of Thermodynamic processes involved.

Thermodynamic Process – There are 4 basic properties in thermodynamics – Heat, Temperature, Volume, Pressure. When any of these properties of the system change, it is considered as Thermodynamic Process.
There are 4 kinds of processes involved:
1. Adiabatic Process – In this process, the heat is constant.
2. Isothermal Process – In this process, the temperature remains constant.
3. Isobaric Process – In this process, the pressure remains constant.
4. Isochoric Process – In this process, the volume remains constant.


Laws of thermodynamics – There are 4 laws in thermodynamics starting from zeroth law to third law.

These are:
Zeroth Law – If two systems are in thermal equilibrium independently with a third system, they must be in equilibrium with each other.

First law – Law of conservation of energy is followed and inventing the perpetual motion machine is impossible.

Second Law – In a spontaneous process (occurs automatically for stability), the entropy(degree of freedom) of interacting systems increase.

Third Law – The entropy of a system approaches zero as the temperature reaches absolute zero (0 Kelvin).
This is the most basic of Thermodynamics which should be known to understand systems better.