Tubeless pop-less tires

Tires may not sound so engineered and difficult to manufacture stuff, but in reality, tires have a lot more technical specifications involved. You can get the idea of this statement from the large alpha-numeric number written on the side of your car’s tire. Yeah, you may know they come in black

Yeah, you may know they come in black colour because of carbon and more area in tires is required to lower the pressure in heavy vehicles but there’s a bit more than this stuff that you don’t know. In this post, we’ll know why tubeless tires don’t pop out like normal tires.

As we all know that there come two types of tires nowadays which are tubeless and tube tires. Tubeless tires are replacing tube tire industry because of their feature of giving much extra time to reach service station when your car is punctured. This happens because of the presence of tube which is like a rubber balloon which pops out when the needle is put in contact with it. But if you put a tape on the same balloon and then put a needle in contact with balloon, the balloon won’t pop out because the stretched surface of balloon is now stuck with the tape and even when air rushes to leave the balloon, the surface of balloon doesn’t go into original position because of force applied by the adhesive of the tape. More technically, this is because the force due the to adhesive is greater than force due to rushing air. If adhesive glue of the tape is not so strong, the air will get out of the hole immidiately and balloon will pop out even without tape.

Same happens in case of tube tires. The air inside the tire is under pressure and when needle, sharp object comes in contact with tire tube, the tube pops out like balloon. But in case of tubeless tires, the balloon/tube is not present and is replaced with some vulcanized plus adheive glued rubber surface put on inside surface of tire. So, when some bolt or sharp object comes in contact with tire, it doesn’t pop out because the force due to adhesive is greater than force due to air inside tire.

So now you know the mechanism of tubless tires. You can flaunt your cars tubeless tires more confidently.