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Do Anti-roll bars prevent your car from rolling over?

As from the name, Yes, Anti-roll bars do prevent your car from rolling over. Anti-roll bars prevent your car from rolling sideways. Those who don’t know what anti-roll bars are, need not fear because they are nothing more than a bar or a rod. Yes, a single rod is used to prevent your car from

Confusion of Chassis and Frame

You must have heard car technicians using the term Chasis or vehicle Frame many times but for a common car driver or a non-car guy, it is difficult to make difference between both. This confusion has arisen due to a large change in the built of cars coming up in the market in a very

Tubeless pop-less tires

Tires may not sound so engineered and difficult to manufacture stuff, but in reality, tires have a lot more technical specifications involved. You can get the idea of this statement from the large alpha-numeric number written on the side of your car’s tire. Yeah, you may know they come in black Yeah, you may know

Dependent Suspensions

Earlier we discussed the working of main types of suspensions which are used in cars. In this post, we’ll discuss in depth some of dependent suspensions, which will be leaf suspension and coil suspension. These are the two major types of suspensions which are used by the automobile industry and can be found in working

Types of Automobile Suspensions

Suspension, as we know, is that part of the car which without which a car can work, but its importance can only be felt when the car is driven. The driver will then come to know that suspension system in the car is not only for the comfort of passengers but also for important tasks

Getting started with Differential Gear

Here we all know that DIFFERENTIAL is an integral part of all four wheelers and wheels receive power from the engine via a drive shaft. The main function of the DIFFERENTIAL  is to allow these wheels to turn at different RPMs while receiving power from the engine. Now consider the wheels which are negotiating a

Suspension system in your car

If a road were perfectly flat, with no irregularities, suspensions wouldn’t be necessary. But roads are far from flat. Even freshly paved highways have imperfections that can interact with the wheels­ of a car. These are the imperfections that apply forces to the wheels.