Month: August 2017

DESIGN of air cooling system:

Don’t think we just need fins on Engine components to take of all the heat from the Engine. We have to learn how to direct the air flow in such a way to get high efficiency in heat dissipation  which we will discuss in this post. Before getting into it let me introduce you some

Air cooling engine:

It’s also known as “Direct cooling system” because of direct contact of air with the engine cylinder head and engine cylinder i,e air flows across the external surfaces of engine cylinder and engine cylinder head to remove the necessary heat. This is how the heat dissipates from the engine. We know that the more heat transfer


Did you ever think what would be the temperature of the burning gases in the engine cylinder?? Don’t you know!. Let me tell you ……it can  reaches up to 1500 to 2000°C, which is above the melting point of the material of the cylinder body and head of the engine. (Platinum, a metal which has


MISFUELLING: putting the wrong sort of fuel into your car either petrol into diesel or diesel into petrol. Misfuelling is one of the most embarassing mistake one can do , it’s easy to do , and hundreds of thousands of drivers do it every year. One of the finest reason for misfuelling is a lapse in

Independent Suspensions

It may look like that all types of vehicles use same spring coiled suspension but in actual, there is much more than just the spring coiled part in the suspension. The parts other than spring coiled part in the suspension play a much deeper role than one can think. Here, we’ll discuss how Independent Suspensions


Many guys who are at some techie level in cars and automobiles may have come across the term Camber many times. People who are unknown to Camber may think of it as very big and technical term but in reality, it has very little effect on the vehicle in general. In light utility vehicles and


Definition:  It’s a phenomenon that causes fluids like H2O and air to curve as they travel across or above earth’s surface. Basic concept to understand : Before getting into it let’s talk about a small concept. Let’s imagine that you are in a huge turn-table turning in counter clockwise. As shown say you are green