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Will exhaust effect performance of vehicle?

Yes, well… it almost does. This is why race cars tend to be louder. There is not much after the manifold Some nice tubing and that is about it. (they still have specific measurements). Exhaust systems certainly play a critical role in the performance of every engine.

Depth of Clutch

You must have heard about clutch a lot and if you are a driver of the manual transmission vehicle, you must also know its importance. Clutch is a device used in automotive vehicles which are used for connecting and disconnecting an engine to the transmission of a vehicle. The clutch is not only used in

Mechanism of Braking System

Did you ever wonder how just pressing a brake pedal can stop a car!!?? If you don’t then you must know brake hydraulics. If you don’t know brake hydraulics then let me tell you through this post. The important parts in the breaking mechanism are master cylinders and sleeve cylinders. Let’s talk about master cylinder.

2-stroke engines!

The name 2-stroke itself explains that 2- stroke engines use engine cycle which lets the car run in 2 steps, in layman language. 2-stroke engines are usually light and hence cannot generate much power when compared to 4-stroke engines. So they are mostly used when low RPMs are required.

What is Otto Cycle?

The name Otto is not picked from any physics book nor it is any phenomenon. Otto was the last name of Engineer Nikolaus Otto who created the very first working four-stroke engine. Four-stroke engines with spark plugs are also called as Otto engines. Otto cycle is basically the thermodynamic cycle on which a four-stroke engine

You know what CVT is?

These days many guys are asking about CVTs. They come across this term but don’t actually know what it is. CVT basically stands for Continuously Varying Transmission which a type of transmission used in automobiles among other 3 main types. So, rather than just knowing CVT, you will also become familiar with other 3 types

Understanding Solenoid

Solenoid must be familiar to you if you are electrician, mechanic or had physics Major ever. The solenoid is a basic device used in your car to start it, it is also used in earphones, microphone, speaker, DC motors, many of door locks and many more things. It works on simple physics and is very