You know what CVT is?

These days many guys are asking about CVTs. They come across this term but don’t actually know what it is. CVT basically stands for Continuously Varying Transmission which a type of transmission used in automobiles among other 3 main types. So, rather than just knowing CVT, you will also become familiar with other 3 types of transmissions. Let’s know these first.

Manual Transmission:
The simple and most favorite transmission type of muscle owners is the Manual transmission. This is the transmission you see in cars having a gear stick on the right-hand side of the driver (in U.S). This is a simple type of transmission in which the clutch pedal is used to disconnect transmission to wheels and change gear. The moment you push the clutch pedal, the transmission disconnects from wheels and as you change gear with gear stick, the gear in the transmission is changed manually (without the use of power source except for your hands). The moment you release the clutch pedal, the transmission gets connected to the wheels and supplies the power. There’s no special parking gear except neutral and it’s simplicity makes it efficient than Automatic Transmission.



Automatic Transmission:
The most common transmission on the roads is Automatic transmission which uses a complex torque converter to run the cars. It is designed for comfortable, easy driving experience. It usually has P(Parking), R(Reverse), N(Neutral), D(Drive), L(low) gears in the gear box where drive and low gears are many times sub-divided to give a smooth experience. Although the mileage of Automatic Transmission is slightly less than Manual Transmission.


Continuously Varying Transmission uses belts and pulleys instead of real gears. This allows the transmission to have an infinite range of gear-ratios. This transmission is controlled with the help of programmed chip which analyses the speed of the car and gives the command to perform an action to CVT. CVT gives the best mileage among all types and is very efficient too as it uses a completely different mechanism.

Semi-Automatic and Dual Clutch:
This transmission is completely made for race cars as no other transmission can match the speed of gear shift with this transmission. Semi-Automatic uses pneumatics and actuators to shift gears whereas there are 2 different clutches for odd and even gears in Dual Clutch to shift gear really fast. These are best for performance but since they are too expensive, you won’t them in usual cars.