Pillars in your automobile

Pillars!!?? That too in your automobile. If you confused with this term then certainly you don’t know about it. And if you know you did it.

Like in civil, the purpose of pillars isto support the weight of the car’s roof as the glass on it’s own can’t do this. They provide a firm structure to the top of the car so that you can roll your car window down or up. These are what connect the sides of the car to the roof.

There are three main types of pillar when referring to the design of the car – A, B and C.

The “A” pillars on your car hold either side of the front windscreen in place. These are the one you see when you look straight at the car from the front.

The “B” pillar is the pillar on both sides of the car just behind the driver’s seat which is present in between the rear and front door, which we can from sideways of the car.

The “C” pillar holds a vehicle’s rear window in place where it ends but on the body and not on the door.

Some cars also have a “D” pillar, such as estate cars, SUV’s for example. D pillar holds the sides of the rear window of the car in place.

These pillars create blind spots creating visual obstruction during turning/cornering. And we have to accept that every car comes with blind spot and we can’t avoid it.