You know about hot and cold plugs?

What are Hot and Cold spark Plugs?

Spark plugs have their own types namely hot plugs and cold plugs. Although hot and cold plugs do not make the whole engine hot or cold, but yes, they make themselves hot or cold and do play an important role in your car’s heart.

Since spark plugs help your engine to start up because they are connected to the electrochemical cell or the car battery. The spark plugs carry a high voltage of nearly 40,000 – 1,00,000 Volts. And to prevent any type of conductance outside the combustion chamber, these are insulated using ceramic.
Ceramic is a bad conductor of heat. So, it also prevents heat transfer inside the plug also.
Let’s discuss both hot and cold plugs one by one:


What are Hot Spark Plugs?

In hot plugs, there is less coating of ceramic over the metal part. Hot plugs are general plugs for your normal car. Actually, the plug is less coated with ceramic causing the plug to heat up more. This heat is used to burn the deposits of the electrolytic waste at electrodes. So, in hot plugs, more deposits are burned and can be used for cars running at normal speeds.


What are Cold Spark Plugs?

In race cars, more heat is generated in the engine. This excess heat generated automatically helps to burn the deposits at electrodes of the plug. So, using a hot plug in a race car high-speed vehicle may damage the plug. Therefore, cold plugs are used in race cars. They have more ceramic in contact with the metal part which protects them from excess heating and further damage to the spark plugs.
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