Why your car is not starting?

There isn’t one solution to this problem as there may be several reasons for why isn’t your car getting ignited. Let’s discuss main of them in this post and how to troubleshoot them.

Fuses may be having problem – Some cars having fuses with ignition part may have a problem with fuses. Check the fuses first.

Battery Problem – May be the connections of the battery are dirty and have blocked the passage of current not letting car to start. Clean the battery connections (after detaching all connections).

Dead Battery – Because of a dead battery, the required voltage for the ignition could not be reached. Turning off all lights and starting again can help if doesn’t Replace the battery.

Bad Ignition Coil – This can also create you a problem. Ignition coil can be tested by using the multimeter and measuring impedance.

Moisture – In wet weather, moisture may get in through distributor cap. Remove cap and check for moisture. Wipe off even a single drop of water.