MISFUELLING: putting the wrong sort of fuel into your car either petrol into diesel or diesel into petrol.

Misfuelling is one of the most embarassing mistake one can do , it’s easy to do , and hundreds of thousands of drivers do it every year. One of the finest reason for misfuelling is a lapse in concentration. Sarcasm is more than one of the 7 humans have done it and many of miss fuelers are police officers.


This is both the more common mistake and, sadly, the more catastrophic one when it comes to the wrong fuel in car. The reason for common is because petrol pump nozzles are narrow compared to diesel pump nozzles and can easily fit into most modern diesel filter necks.

If you, unfortunately, filled the fuel tank with petrol and fortunate enough to realize your mistake, Listen to me don’t start the engine. Because this will pump the fuel into the engine, multiplying your problems. So just drain out the fuel tank.

If however, you filled it started the engine drove away until it shudders to a halt you have been to serious trouble. Now the fuel rather than just being in the tank it will go to car’s engine and fuel system causing enough problem. The problem is actually petrol acts as a solvent which means it prevents the lubrication action that diesel fuel delivery to components of the engine, most significantly the fuel pump. It’s like running an engine without oil creating a problem like 1. high level of friction 2. High-pressure fuel pumps and high tolerance components are running without lubrication and grind together. The fuel in order to travel from a fuel tank( at the rear ) to the engine ( at the front ) the petrol will use fuel lines and are contaminated along with rubber seals and fuel injectors. 



Putting diesel into petrol car isn’t common because the diesel nozzle is bigger than petrol nozzle as we said earlier. Act of stupidity calls this mistake. There will be no catastrophic results for this mistake.We know that the flash point of diesel is higher than petrol so for spark plug it is much harder to ignites it and a possibility of the engine not to go at all. Once you started the engine the diesel will clog( block ) up the spark plug and fuel system causing the vehicle to misfire, smoke and possibly stop running.