Did your engine ever suffered knocking?

Have you ever been to a journey on car when your engine knocked down?
If answer is yes, then you must have changed your car to complete that journey and later on replaced the car’s engine completely.
Engine knocking is the worst case scenario your car can face excluding an accident. This post will discuss what happened to your car during engine knocking in terms of layman physics.


What does engine knocking really means?

Engine knocking is related to the timing of the spark produced by the spark plug. If you are not much familier to Spark Production Timing (SPT), you can refer another article explaining SPT here. Engine knocking is said to happen when the car engine stops working suddenly after some knocking sounds. This happens when the complete cycle of the engine is disturbed due to some reasons which may include Wrong timing of spark production.
Wrong timing of the spark production is not the only cause for engine knocking but yes, it is a major cause for engine knocking. The meaning of ‘disturbance in engine cycle’ implies the error in time taken by each stroke of the engine (intake, compression, combustion, exhaust). It simply means that one of the strokes of the cycle have occurred either earlier or have been delayed.
Since the whole cycle depends on every action in engine, so, if any of the stroke is disturbed due to some reason (more probably due to SPT), the whole cycle gets disturbed and hence the whole engine.
Engine knocking can also damage the essential parts of an engine. Spark Production Timing (SPT) also affects the engine cycle by changing peak pressure of cylinder. Now, the question is how SPT is disturbed? Well, Most of the time it takes place because of wrong fuel.
Due the wrong fuel, there will be change in the time of combustion of air-fuel mixture which may not resonate with SPT leading the disturbance to combustion stroke and then to whole engine cycle and hence leading the knocking of metal (pistons) wrongly in engine. This engine knocking can lead to complete damage of car by transmitting the wrong motion of pistons to the transmission and hence tilting the car causing to severe accident.

Engine knocking can be prevented using the right good quality fuel, using right spark plugs; there are also other minor factors responsible which cannot be controlled by the rider. But prevention is better than cure, so a you can always use good fuel and fine quality spark plugs. Drive safely.