What is Gear Ratio?

It is a very simple concept but still many people confuse due to the way they learned. The gear ratio is simply the ratio of diameters of two gears. It means whenever we talk about gear ratio, we have considered two gears. For example, we combine two gears, one with diameter 20 inches and other with 10 inches, then the ratio of their diameters will be 2:1 which will be called as gear ratio.

The ratio of the number of teeth of the two gears will also mean the same. If there are a different number of teeth in the two gears, then minor errors in the diameters do not affect so much.
The gear ratio is very important because if we don’t know this simple concept of gear ratio, there will always be confusion in understanding the combination of gears. In cars, this concept is used in superchargers and turbochargers, so as to rotate the compression gear in the supercharger faster than the drive gear.
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