Mazda RX-7

The model which was launched in the year 1993 was a remarkable one in RX series. Mazda RX series has been racer’s all time favorite ride till now. RX-7 comes in different types to satisfy different customers. Most hot Type A comes with coupe body style without compromising its appearance.

Chrysler 300C

Only the riders of 300C know what the 300C is. Making her riders feel proud, 300C being a sedan not only appears good but works more than expectations. It comes with a pre-installed 3.6 liter Pentastar V6 engine which serves its riders the real satisfaction. Giving a mileage of 19-31 mpg it can go from

Camaro ZL1

The 2015 model of Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is known for its soothing road trip unlike Z/28 for its power. Having the same retro coupe body style as that of Z/28, it gives a good handling.

Why your car is not starting?

There isn’t one solution to this problem as there may be several reasons for why isn’t your car getting ignited. Let’s discuss main of them in this post and how to troubleshoot them.


Coming to horsepower, it is the opposite of torque. It is the high-end power of a car. A horsepower is basically a unit of power; more horsepower will give your car the push to move fast.


In the easiest language torque is the quantity used to measure the towing power of a car. In physics we all have read, torque is a force used to rotate objects that are to start a stationary object from rest to rotation. So, in cars, it is the low-end power or the measure of vehicles