How car works?

This article explains the working of a typical car. How pushing the accelerator moves your car ahead and how releasing it stops acceleration? Everything in layman language.

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Starting from the turning on of the engine. When you move the car key to start, it completes the circuit of the battery and the current through battery starts flowing. The current reaches the starter via a solenoid which is connected to flywheel of the car. The starter motor makes the fly wheel to rotate which starts the initial movements of the pistons in the combustion chamber. Many people get confused with starter and alternator. They are same most of the times but in case where more RPM is needed both are different.

From the very first cycle of pistons, cam shafts start rotating which open the valves for air-fuel mixture intake into combustion chamber. When the intake is done, the spark plugs come into action and produce spark with the help of a magneto. Since, the spark is produced, the air-fuel mixture ignites and causes blast (very high temp and pressure) in the combustion chamber which in turn push the pistons back. During this, camshaft keeps on rotating which in turn opens the valves again for the exhaust. As gases leave, the pressure reduces and pistons come back. Again valves open and take in air-fuel mixture and whole process repeats. This is the working of a typical car explained simply. Any doubts, comment below: