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Definition:  It’s a phenomenon that causes fluids like H2O and air to curve as they travel across or above earth’s surface. Basic concept to understand : Before getting into it let’s talk about a small concept. Let’s imagine that you are in a huge turn-table turning in counter clockwise. As shown say you are green


In this post we will go through the concept of worm gears and before going through we will learn some terms like velocity ratio and gear reduction which are opposite in sense. VELOCITY RATIO: It is defined as the ratio of number of teeth on the driving gear to the number of teeth on the

Is Motion in space completely with out friction??

Do you think that motion of a satellite in space is completely constant and only accelerated? If you do then you are wrong. There is also retardation. It is not due to any gravitational pull of sun or earth but due to the thermal radiation(heat) from the satellite it self. This is called thermal friction

Intro to Air Pollution

Air Pollution is one of the big problems in the world. Maybe, it is not getting enough attention now. But statistics and data show that times have changed now. Global Warming, Excess Cold, Unexpected floods are the alarm to approaching danger.

What is Gear Ratio?

It is a very simple concept but still many people confuse due to the way they learned. The gear ratio is simply the ratio of diameters of two gears. It means whenever we talk about gear ratio, we have considered two gears. For example, we combine two gears, one with diameter 20 inches and other


Coming to horsepower, it is the opposite of torque. It is the high-end power of a car. A horsepower is basically a unit of power; more horsepower will give your car the push to move fast.


In the easiest language torque is the quantity used to measure the towing power of a car. In physics we all have read, torque is a force used to rotate objects that are to start a stationary object from rest to rotation. So, in cars, it is the low-end power or the measure of vehicles